Head On Photo Festival

SYDNEY MAY 02 - JUNE 10 2016

I’m thrilled Behind a Little House has been selected for the Head On Landscape Prize and will be exhibited at NSW Parliament House from 2 May to 10 June as part of Head On Photo Festival 2016.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with extended viewing hours on nights when the Parliament is sitting.

Launch Night: 29 April 6-8pm

Parliament of New South Wales
6 Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Behind a Little House featured on PDN


In “Behind a Little House,” physical geography takes a backseat to the landscape of the human mind. Cosentino strips his images of geographical cues to “build a sense of belonging” through the “unifying nature of our common environment,” he explains. “I believe it’s important for [the house] to transcend geographical placement and become an idea.” The small, unadorned home sits small in the corner of each frame against a tall expanse of sky. Cosentino photographed the house in a range of conditions and at different times of day. The images appear almost painterly in their texture More…

The Universal Home, article by Jacqui Palumbo

Interview on World Photography Organization


Spoiled with art in Italy, Manuel Cosentino moved to London where he took up photography after several years working with visual effects in the film industry. Fascinated with the concept of nations and national identity, Manuel spent two years working on his first comprehensive body of work ‘Behind a little house’. Critically acclaimed and loved by both the public and the international art community, images from the series are now represented in public and private collection around the world. Most recently the series was selected for 2014’s THE FENCE.

We spoke with Manuel to learn more about this fascination with the photographic medium and how he approached his two-year long project ‘Behind a Little house’. More…

Interview by Kristine Bjørge

XVII Encuentros Abiertos - Festival de la Luz


Behind a Little House will be screened across Argentina in “25 International Visions”, taking place in the most important museums of the country as part of the XVII Encuentros Abiertos - Festival de la Luz.

“25 International Visions” features the work of 25 prestigious authors from USA, Brasil, Perú, Venezuela, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Italy, Russia, Israel and Japan, working on issues including the pressure on women in the modern society, the complexity of the family, the quest for identity, globalization and anonymity.


MAC- Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Salta - August

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Neuquén and others venues - August

Centro Cultural de la Municipalidad de San Luis - August 1st, 8 pm

Hall de Exposiciones de la Universidad Nacional de San Luis - August 5th, 8 pm

Museo Provincial de Artes, Santa Rosa, La Pampa - August 9th and 16th, 7:30 pm

Villa Hortencia, San Luis - August 9, 8pm

Museo Franklin Rawson, San Juan - Tuesday 19th and 26th August, 8 pm

Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires - Friday 29th August, 5th, 12th, 19th September, 6 pm

Galería de Arte del Museo Marítimo, Ushuaia - September

Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Juan Yaparí, Posadas, Misiones - September 11th and 19 th, 7 pm

Behind a Little House published on L'Oeil de la Photographie

PARIS 19 July 2014

(FR) Photographié sur une période de deux ans, Behind a Little House est un projet qui s’intéresse à la nation de notre place dans le monde sous le ciel. Le lieu, à la fois réel et imaginaire joue un rôle clef avec l’identité. Behind the Little House réfère au paysage comme l’un des mode de construction de la notion d’identité… More…

(EN) Photographed over a two-year period “Behind a Little House” is an intimate participatory art project focusing on the notion of our place in the world beneath one sky. Place, both actual and imagined, plays a key role within identity. Behind a Little House references the landscape as one of the modes of construction of notions of national identity… More…

Behind a Little House will be on THE FENCE in Brooklyn & Atlanta


Each year, THE FENCE - Brooklyn’s premiere summer-long, outdoor photographic exhibition - invites photographers from around the world to explore and define the meaning of community across cultural boundaries and geographical lines, presenting the work of 40 talented artists from around the world to a combined audience of over 1.5 million visitors each summer.

United Photo Industries, Photo District News (PDN), Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Flash Forward Festival, and Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) join forces to curate and produce this unique site-specific exhibition aimed at fostering conversations, and exploring new thematic directions in photography.

In addition to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, and the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway in Boston, this year THE FENCE will expand to the Atlanta BeltLine, in cooperation with Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

Brooklyn Bridge Park – New York, NY
THE FENCE at Brooklyn Bridge Park measures 1000ft in length and stretches along the BBP Greenway.

Rose F. Kennedy Greenway – Boston, MA
THE FENCE at the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway in Boston covers an area of 450ft adjacent to Boston’s North Market.

The Atlanta BeltLine – Atlanta, GA
THE FENCE on the Atlanta BeltLine will span over 600ft along the BeltLine’s trails.

Griffin Museum of Photography

USA JUNE 12 - JUNE 29 2014

I’m very excited to announce that The Behind a Little House Project opens this June 12th at the Griffin Museum of Photography. If you are in the Boston area, come by and take part into the participatory artist book!

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 18, 7PM - 8:30 PM
exhibition continues through June 29

Griffin Museum of Photography Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 12-4PM
67 Shore Rd, Winchester MA 01890 Tel. 781-729-1158

Fotonični Trenutki / Photonic Moments Festival - Month of Photography


Behind a Little House will be screened at the opening week of Photonic Moments Festival in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia.

Photonic Moments Festival is organized by the Center for Contemporary Photography of Central and South East Europe - member of The European Month of Photography - a partnership of 7 European capitals and their institutions in the field of contemporary photography: Berlin, Budapest, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Luxembourg, Paris and Vienna.

Evening Projections: 2-6 June, from 9.30 pm to 11 pm
Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Novi trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana

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