The Fall of Icarus

The biggest anthropogenic existential risk faced by humanity is currently considered to be global catastrophic risks resulting from human activities such as climate change, nuclear war, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

Inspired by one of the oldest and most thought-provoking subjects of history painting, "The Fall of Icarus" is a series generated by an off-the-shelf artificial intelligence algorithm (DALL-E-2) trained on millions of photographs to turn users' text prompts into photorealistic images. The rise of this new process adds another step towards the dissolution between reality and imagination, truth and fiction, creating new challenges for society in distinguishing fact from fabrication.

"The Fall of Icarus" elaborates on the future, ambition, and hubris, acting as a reminder of the limits and perils of our very nature. Unfinished without the public, the series uses small spherical mirrors to finally reveal to us the true face of Icarus.

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